Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dee's Special Comments

To those who have refused to speak up and condemn those (politicians, commentators and their supporters) who have used vitriolic rhetoric and lies to try to enhance their ideological beliefs and political power I say to you – blame resides with you as much as those who resort to violence for silence is never golden when it allows others to debate with bullets those arguments they cannot win with words.


Stickup Artist said...

It is a grievously sad time for all of us, yet another wake up call that is way too harsh and so utterly and horribly tragic. We must work with all the strength and love we can muster from the bottom of our hearts to halt the acceptance and escalation of the descent into violence and meanness. I know you do your part.

mythopolis said...

What we have here is a cultural lobotomy that has transformed the general populous into mass media zombies. We live in a land of conditioned passivity, and misinformation presented by media puppets being steered by the political/corporate conglomerate. Couple all that with media fostered self absorption and narcissism and you have a land where no one gives a shit. Pathetic.

While there are many bright minds who do know what is going on, mostly they are preaching to the choir, since their commentary never reaches the general population.

"I think I could say something, if you know what I mean...but if I was to say it, the radio won't play it, so I'll just have to lay it between the lines...") I think at one time, street activism and protest, and 'guerilla' theater did lay it between the lines. Much of that made its way to the mass media. Today, media has gotten slick about ignoring such activism. A good example was at the last Republican Convention when the Democracy Now journalists got roughed up by police...and even Amy Goodman got cuffed, if I am not mistaken. It was barely a blip on mainstream media coverage, if mentioned at all.

mythopolis said...

One thing I really like about this site Dee is the information source links you provide. Two others come to mind that I subscribe to, would be Truthout, and Activist Post.