Thursday, January 6, 2011

From My Buddy, Jack

An Idea for a Screenplay.

by Jack Reeves

Two friends are at the Grand Canyon, the north side, void of masses.

Dee: Goodness! A dead possum. Or is it playing possum? Ha!

Jack: Looks dead. It's rigid, as in rigor.

Dee: What're you doing?

Jack: Gonna throw it in the canyon.

Dee: Why not.

Jack: Long way down.

Dee: One mile.

Jack: Time's slower there.

Dee: How?

Jack: Greater gravity.

Dee: Einstein....

Jack: It'll be dead slightly less.

Dee: Great.

Jack: Bye, possum.

Dee: Good throw! I'll bet it'll go all the way down!

Jack: Death less by the second. Thirty-two feet per second per second!

Dee: Physics reversing death.

Jack: By one-two billionths of a second!

Dee: It's enough to die for, buddy!

Jack: I love this place! How about you?

Dee: Yep.


Owen said...

So if one of them jumps, does that mean their life will be longer than the other one's ?

(The other one can measure and report on the difference ?)

PS Was just looking more closely at part of your profile which I hadn't read in detail before... just thought you might like to know I'm a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School... 30 day Wilderness Survival course in the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming... Paul Petzoldt was quite a guy !

mythopolis said...

Ha! I was thinking it was going to end with. "Hey, let's jump!"

"Yeh! We'll be younger at the bottom!"