Thursday, January 6, 2011

When Will We Wake Up?

As I have reiterated numerous time on this Blog – when I was born (in 1944) the human populated on this planet was just under two billion people. Given that the earliest known hominid (Ardi) dates back 4.4 million years, it took at least that many years for us as a species to reach a population of two billion people. Today, only sixty-six years later, our species has more than tripled to nearly seven billion.

In 1968, I read a book by Paul Ehrlich called The Population Bomb. The book warned that we are facing a demographic catastrophe, stating that the rate of population growth will soon surpass the growth in the supply of food and other natural resources.

We have yet to take heed of his warning, advise and counsel.

The follow are three insightful comments on the previous post:

Blogger Stickup Artist said:
I have heard this topic a lot lately. It is quite alarming but common sense dictates this day would come. I foresee a return to smaller community based farming and industries. Which to my mind, isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm beginning to see a need to become more friendly, interdependent, and accountable in our local communities.
Blogger Owen said:
Dee, thanks so much for posting this. What an incredibly thoughtful, and sobering presentation, by a number of thoroughly convincing and competent speakers. I have no illusions, and can only nod my head in sad agreement.

The United States public has had a giant set of blinders attached to its collective head, blocking peripheral vision, allowing the eyes to only look straight ahead at some gleaming Shangri La in the desert (Las Vegas ?) where all are rich and living in glamor and glitz with limousines and prostitutes taking care of their every need.

For quite a long time I've been referring to it as the House of Cards In the Desert phenomenon. We've built a vast house of cards on an irrigated patch of desert (Phoenix ?), but one of these days a swirling dust devil on a giant scale is going to blow our house of cards to smithereens.

The three terms that worry me most in your text here are "hunger, unemployment, and social chaos". That's the part that is really going to hurt. After the companies go bankrupt and fail, after the supermarkets are empty, after the farms have been plundered by migrating hordes in rags... then what?

National Geographic's cover story which just came out is about the world population reaching 7 billion this year. Imagine 7 billion people, or more, when push comes to shove, ready to turn into cannibals when other sources of food have vanished...

No wonder there are survivalist groups arming themselves in the mountains of Idaho and holing up deep in the hills.

It seems obvious that there is a huge amount of spin and propaganda circulating supporting the business as usual, maintain the status quo approach. It is very positive, no matter how frightening, to see some extremely intelligent, well educated humans, speaking plainly and clearly here about a reality for which they can have no possible motives of self interest or personal profit to promote.

The question is : Where do we take it from here, knowing what we currently know?

All I can see is:

We need to stop population growth now, immediately, allowing natural attrition to act... Religious leaders who continue to urge reckless procreation without limits should be sanctioned heavily, they are totally irresponsible in today's world.

We need to stop oil consumption, or drastically reduce it, and switch back to sail driven ships, and horse drawn transport, or solar electric cars, etc ...

We need to halt production of arms and weapons of all kinds, disarm the armed thugs at large, and stop romanticizing our worldwide culture of violence...

We need to stop emptying the oceans of fish and whales, and start producing food naturally, without the current huge reliance on chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Bhopal was just a wakeup call...

We need to take a hard look at what we can learn from so-called aboriginal peoples about how to live in harmony with the earth, if there is still time to do so...

Etc. ad nauseum... 
Mythopolis said:

"....the sky too, is folding in on you, and it's all over now, baby blue." 
Well, it's quite simple for a little while, what to do when the oil is all gone. 
Most important: Learn to start a fire with pieces of your IKEA furnishings. 
After that, we can only resort to eating our hearts out. 
Youtube: How to start a fire with IKEA

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