Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nikki Yanofsky

I have been following Nikki  Yanofsky career on this blog for several years. Nikki's U.S. album debut will be out on May 4th  from Decca. Produced by the legendary Phil Ramone and Jesse Harris (Grammy-winner for his work with Norah Jones). The album includes standards by Duke Ellington and the Gershwins and will showcase Nikki's multi-octave range. It will also feature an original song by Canadian singer/songwriter Leslie Feist, as well as, some writing collaborations with Ron Sexsmith and others.

Nikki Yanofsky - "Nikki" EPK (New Album Available This Spring)


mythopolis said...

Wow, quite talented for such a young person, and seems to be quite hip in that groovy jazz way.

Stickup Artist said...

I see a few of us are feeling quite musical this morning! Spring's magic is starting!

Owen said...

Hadn't come across Nikki before, but no doubt we'll be seeing more of her... What a presence she has !