Thursday, March 17, 2011

Roy Hutton

My good friend, Roy Hutton, has a new photographic website he is working on – RoyHuttonImages. All the photos were taken in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, many in the Greenbrier area. The images are available for purchase. For pricing, format, size, and shipping information, you may contact him by email at:

Roy on the Little Pigeon River in Greenbrier Cove.

I wrote the following sonnet for Roy on his Sixtieth  Birthday:

You are not merely “a Jack-of-all-trades”
Nor can it be said, “a master of none.”
You have achieved and deserve accolades
As a Renaissance Man, second to none.
A Universal Humanist, whose skills
Are accomplished, whose knowledge is profound.
In a wide range of interests and fields
You’ve become not just proficient, but renowned.
From the very simple to the hardest,
As a creator of composition,
You have excelled as a gifted artist,
A writer, therapist and musician.
Yet, these achievements all pale when compared
To the trust and affection we have shared.

To view Roy's new website, RoyHuttonImages, click here


mythopolis said...

Hi! Yes, I saw the new site last it. Reminds me of the wonder of being there in the Smokies.

S. C. said...


I want to thank you for your site. It is one of the first I go to daily. The content and intent of your postings, both personal and borrowed, is so helpful to me in this chaotic time in which we struggle.

As for Roy Hutton's Smokies pictures, many of the rocks remind me of my own aging body. And, I am reminded that while the big picture is important, so are the details. AWESOME, as are your photos.