Sunday, April 3, 2011

From Dan

I believe that it was Kierkegaard who said – "I see it all perfectly; there are two possible situations - one can either do this or that." His advice was: whether you do it or don't do it - you'll regret it.

The following is from Life's Bone:

Does This Mandala Make Me Look Fat?

It all started
when I realized
I had two kinds
of problems.
One, I called THIS
and the other, THAT.
As to which to ponder,
when THIS
got too confusing,
I'd go ponder THAT.

As for THIS,
and the answer to THIS,
I searched mostly
in a place I called THERE;
or in the other place
called HERE.
And, for a long while,
I was either COMING,
or I was GOING,
from HERE to THERE
in search of the answer to

Nearing exhaustion
one day,
I had a hysterical revelation
as to the answer
to the problem
of THIS.
I realized that,
THIS, was in fact, THAT.
And that THAT was THIS, as well.

Whereas I once had two problems,
I now have but one.
I felt
an astonishing sense of relief,
and simply slumped down
into this chair,
in which I presently sit.
I watched
THIS and THAT in my mind
being inexorably mashed
and formed
into a singular ball.
One round
I decided to call

And so, now
I retire into my easy chair.
No more COMING and GOING
between HERE and THERE
about questions of THIS and THAT.
I reach for my pipe and bowl.
Life is much simpler now,
and I can kick back
and idly contemplate
the meaning of IT.

Of course,
no one can really hope
to get to the bottom of IT.
IT is a bottomless pit.
IT will be an endless quest.
But, that's ok.
I will see some part of IT
and hear a little
of the sound of IT,
and taste some of IT,
smell, and feel
a bit of IT,
and know
some of IT,
on my way


mythopolis said...

Ha! Thanks, Dee!

Stickup Artist said...

I crack up every time I see that title. Dan's the Man!