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TFT Update, April 22nd 2011

Fighting the Ban on a State Income Tax

The new resolution to BAN a state income or payroll tax, SJR 18, is on the calendar of the House Finance Subcommittee for Wednesday, April 27 at 11:00 AM CDT in Legislative Plaza hearing room 29. Anyone is welcome to attend and show their opposition to this bill.
This bill is pandering to millionaire campaign contributors while leaving the bill for our government and vital services to be paid by working people with future increases in the sales tax.

Speak up for REVENUE WITH JUSTICE FOR ALL and please email and/or phone your representative and members of the House Finance Subcommittee to let them know that this is NOT a responsible or reasonable bill to pass.

House Finance SubCommittee:

Mike Harrison, Rogersville 206A WMB
(615) 741-7480

Curtis Johnson, Clarksville 215 WMB
(615) 741-4341

Kevin Brooks, Cleveland 104 WMB
(615) 741-1350

Lois DeBerry, Memphis LP 33
(615) 741-3830

Craig Fitzhugh, Ripley LP 33
(615) 741-2134

Judd Matheny, Tullahoma LP 15
(615) 741-7448

Gerald McCormick, Chattanooga LP 18A
(615) 741-2548

Steve McDaniel, Parkers Crossroads LP 18
(615) 741-0750

Jimmy Naifeh, Covington G19A WMB
(615) 741-3774

Gary Odom, Nashville LP 23
(615) 741-4410

Dennis Roach, Rutledge 217 WMB
(615) 741-2534

Charles Sargent, Franklin 206 WMB
(615) 741-6808

Johnny Shaw, Bolivar LP 36
(615) 741-4538

Harry Tindell, Knoxville LP 35
(615) 741-2031

Letters to the editor are another great way to share this information with the public and let your legislators know you care about revenue with justice for all Tennesseans.

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