Saturday, April 23, 2011

It is Time to Find Some Time

by Dee Newman

It appears there is not enough time
For all the things I would like to do,
For all the mountains I’ve yet to climb,
For all the sights I would like to view,
For all the rivers I’ve yet to cross,
For all the races I haven’t run,
For all the horseshoes I’ve yet to toss,
For all the things I haven’t done,
For all the thoughts I’d like to ponder,
For all the books I would like to read,
For all the trails I’ve yet to wander,
For all those slopes I haven’t skied,
For all the photos I’ve yet to take,
For all the songs I have yet to sing,
For all the sculptures I’ve yet to make,
For all the day and nighttime snoozing,
For all the many things I have missed,
And all the places I haven’t been,
For all the women I haven’t kissed
And those I would like to kiss again,
Yes, for all those things I’ve put on hold,
It is time to find the wherewithal,
Before its too late and I’m too old,
To find some time to do them all.


mythopolis said...

It is something in us that keeps wanting to somehow see more, and know more before we leave. It is a sweet poem about the heart and its longings. Taking time, to make time, is all one can do. Outside the infinity of a true moment, mortality sucks. A real kiss can last a life time.

Owen said...

You better get busy then, and get away from that computer keyboard, more time disappears there these days than anywhere else, for many people...

But then again, blogging is quality time when it leads to contacts around the world, exchanges of warmth and connections.

Lydia said...

I love this. It describes how I think often. Two things that frequently come to mind are all the places I will never live but would love to, and all the animals I will never have as pets and long to.

Debbie said...

Are we feeling old and nostalgic in the Narrows? Look at where you get to grow older??!!! I don't feel sorry for you, R Dee! You are living the good life. Stay well. xoxoxoxo