Monday, April 25, 2011

Remembering My First Love

By Dee Newman

My eyes fill with sorrow as I remember when
I loved you like no other, or I ever will again,
But that was long ago when love was young and new,
Nothing last forever, 'cept my mem'ries of you.

In the shadows of moonlight, beneath bright skies of blue,
I’ve had my share of lovers, and more than just a few.
One day there may be others who I may well pursue,
Yet, nothing will ever alter my desire and love for you.


mythopolis said...

This could be a song. I was reminded of some of Joan Baez's early recordings of certain ballads, some perhaps originating in England. 'East Virginia", "Silver Dagger" and so on. They seemed plaintive songs about love lost.

"Oh mother, oh mother, go dig my grave,
Make it both long and narrow,
Sweet William died on yesterday
and I will die of sorrow."


"I was born in East Virginia,
South Carolina I did roam,
there I met a fair pretty maiden,
her name and age I do not know.
Her hair, it was a bright sun color,
and her lips were ruby red,
on her breast she wore white lilies,
twas there I longed to lay my head."

Stickup Artist said...

I agree with myth, that would make a beautiful song!

Debbie said...

Me, right? :-)