Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From The Kiss

When We Were More Than Dreams

By Dee Newman

In the morning light
Of another long and lonely night
I think of when it all seemed right
When we were more than dreams

Along this narrow ridge
There are traces of our passage
That still hold my heart hostage
When we were more than dreams

In this lonely place
I still long to be in your embrace
To feel your breath upon my face
When we were more than dreams

Beyond the rise, on the downward curve
The twists and turns test every nerve
Though we rarely get what we deserve
We never know what fate will serve

From the hill country
To the foggy depths of destiny
You’ll still have the best of me
As I go reaching for extremes

Through the mist and twilight
Of this cold and lonesome night
Nothing seems fixed or finite
Now that we’re no more than dreams

I suppose, I always knew
You were too good to be true
Too young to pursue
And that one day we’d seem
No more than just a dream


mythopolis said...

so poignant and wistful...

I was reminded of a few of Emerson's lines:

Though thou loved her as thyself,
As a self of purer clay,
Though her parting dims the day,
Stealing grace from all alive;
Heartily know,
When half-gods go,
The gods arrive.

Stickup Artist said...

What this poem awakens in me, is that feeling of the strong traces of a lost love which leaves its imprint, forever, heightening in such a bittersweet memories, the presence and meaning of even the air we breathe in the space we occupy now. You have such wonderful sensibilities and so many talents!