Friday, May 20, 2011

From Tennessee Citizen Action

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Mary Mancini
Tennessee Citizen Action Statement on House Passage of HB130

Nashville, Tenn. (May 19, 2011) -- Today, the Tennessee General Assembly spent almost a full day arguing about a bill that will do absolutely nothing to bring quality jobs, fix our state’s economy, or generate revenue for
much-needed public services and infrastructure in the state. HB130, which would abolish the long-standing right of teachers to speak up for decent working conditions in their classroom and better pay, passed the House 59-39.

“It’s ironic and very sad that on the day the Tennessee Commissioner of Labor & Workforce Development announced that Tennessee’s unemployment rate for April rose to 9.6 percent, the conservative majority of the State House have shown that their priorities are completely out-of-line with those of the people of Tennessee,” said Mary Mancini, executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action. “We need a legislature that cares about what we care about - quality jobs, a robust economy, and more revenue for much-needed public services and infrastructure, not one that attacks the hardworking people of our state."

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