Monday, August 8, 2011

From Jack

Victor Englebert

In 1988, when I was at CIAT, Colombia, the photo editor of National Geographic, Bill Allen, challenged me to make germplasm visually interesting. It was suggested that National Geographic (NG) do a feature on the subject. That's why he presented the challenge.

I hired Victor Englebert (he lived in Colombia at the time) and arranged for him to be flown in CIAT's King Air to the Colombian Lllanos, near Venezuela.

I directed him to make interesting photos of the environment featuring interesting subjects (especially people) that would be connected to agriculture. I used these photos with captions I wrote and got them to Bill Allen. This resulted in a cover story on germplasm in the NG.

You will find Victor Englebert, his photos and his life, even to this day, extremely fascinating. What a bio! His website has more than 100K 35MM photos!

Google his name and enjoy the links!!!!!

National Geographic chose Lynn Johnson as the photographer. 


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mythopolis said...

I haven't a clue what germplasm is! Fascinating, the different lives people live, I always thought working for National Geo would be such a life of discovery.