Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From The Rachel Maddow Show

Debt Deal Puts U.S. in Deeper Hole


mythopolis said...

Oh, Rachel! Please tell me what the silver lining is? Cuz, I'm feeling so discouraged, and the 'f' doesn't stand for Farenheit.

In our country's history, we had the native American Indians who were caught basically with their pants down in tribal and national disputes over territory and so on....hunting grounds, etc., and thus, not prepared for the invasion of European colonists. This same imperialist model prevails between and within countries today. Meanwhile bigger enemies, like the environment, the very ground we fight on is essentially on a threatened list. Maybe, I just don't get it, but it all seems so self (mankind) defeating. I just want to get up each day, feed my chickens, gather some eggs, and have breakfast. Sometimes I wonder why bother?

I appreciate your posts, Dee. They make me think when mostly I wanna hide.

Stickup Artist said...

And that ain't nothin compared to what happened today. Why oh why do middle class Americans vote for these people??? I'd almost rather they didn't vote at all.