Monday, September 19, 2011

Arson at the Narrows

A year and half ago as many of you know the Cumberland Basin (middle Tennessee) suffered massive flooding. The Harpeth River rose twenty feet above the tunnel here at the Narrows. As a result of the flood the tunnel was clogged with large tree trunks.

Several weeks ago someone (lacking foresight and judgment) torched the tunnel. The Kingston Springs Volunteer Fire Department were unable to extinguish the fire. Under the extreme heat generated by the fire huge limestone slabs fell from the tunnel's ceiling. Fortunately, the bridge over the upstream opening (though damaged) remained standing, allowing those of us who live within Bell's Bend of the Harpeth to enter and exit. Here are a few photos of the aftermath. The first photo was taken the morning of the day after the fire was set.


mythopolis said...

Oh NO!! The tunnel is such a historic site. I am glad the road is still passable, but wonder if it is still in jeopardy since some of its under-pinnings have collapsed.

The pictures are amazing, but I was shaking my head the whole time! I have many of my own associations with this area, and you, of course have so many more. Damn! That's all I can say.

Stickup Artist said...

That is terrible! Who would do such a stupid thing? Thank goodness the fire didn't spread beyond the tunnel but quite enough damage was done. Your pictures are so loving and lovely of your area and I hope repairs can be made to the tunnel to keep it passable and safe. Why wasn't the tunnel cleared when it was initially clogged? Where are our priorities?

Anonymous said...

I visited the Narrows today; the first time since one week after the flood last year. Happened to meet Dee hiking on the Bluff Overlook Trail. I was already familiar with his Narrows flood photos which are great. Enjoyed talking with Dee about the Narrows.

Don Vansant
Bob Mitchell