Monday, December 12, 2011

From Tennessee Citizen Action

It's a busy month, so here are the 3 easy steps you can take to be a part of today's Day of Action to repeal the Photo ID to Vote law:
1) Sit in front of your computer.
2) Think of all the people you know - friends, family, co-workers, etc. - who believe our elections should be fair and equal.
3) Copy and paste the language and link below in an email asking them to sign the online petition:
"Please take a moment and sign the online petition to repeal the excessive photo ID to vote restrictions in Tennessee:
Why should you sign? The requirements necessary to comply with the law are excessive & restrictive and the law itself is very confusing. Basically, Tennessee lawmakers are taking away a person’s right to vote, telling them they have to have a very specific government-issued photo ID to get it back, & confusing them in the process.

Government-issued photo ID restrictions like the one we have in Tennessee will disproportionately affect people of color, young voters, seniors and people with disabilities. This law will disenfranchise those whose vote is very often the only voice they have in our democratic process.

Please take the time now and go to to sign the petition."
Thank you!
Won't you take just a moment and join us today to help protect voting rights in Tennessee?
50 Vantage Way Ste 250 | Nashville, TN 37228 US

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