Friday, December 23, 2011

Support Tribe of Heart

Trailer for Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home** from Tribe of Heart on Vimeo.

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mythopolis said...

Of course it is heart wrenching Dee. Even more heart wrenching is how humanity is so far removed in this age we live in. And the current political scene becomes the blackest of jokes. And it is as bad or worse in other countries. What matters really doesn't ever hit the legislative tables. One can only live one's own conscience. That is the best one can do. If I had money I would give it to such a cause. Other than that I have no power really. The peaceable kingdom is far away. I mind my own turf, try to be kind with all I meet. Maybe someday humanity gets its shit together or maybe it doesn't. I have children now that don't want to have children because they do not want to put such a bitter irony upon them.