Saturday, February 18, 2012

From Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers Essay: Freedom of and From Religion
Bill Moyers Essay: Freedom of and From Religion from on Vimeo.

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mythopolis said...

Good one! I would like to have heard that whole address Obama was giving...

I am all for freedom from religion and the de-stigmatizing of the word, 'atheist'.

Certainly, churches want freedom of expression and no governmental impingement on the ways they manipulate the minds of their followers. As for the Catholic church, well conversions to Catholicism are small in number. Mostly the church grows by making sure their members have plenty of babies. And by all means, baptize them into the religion while they are still infants!

The religious freedoms churches have should carry some responsibility to the larger society. In a world of ecological crises, wholesale poverty, and over-population, the Catholic church would do better advocating for planned parenthood and contraception.

(One half of my family history is mother's side. I love them all. Mom left the church when she met my dad. Her family 'disowned' her for a good while after that. Tsk....tsk....)