Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From Jack


by Jack Reeves

That a person seeks public office could be due to belief in having superior knowledge and ability linked to a strong ego. Nothing the matter with that. This could include Lincoln, FDR, Reagan, Obama.

In too many instances, though, I detect that so-called public servants, self-cloaked in 'for-the-public-good,' are self-servants.

Because our national political system contains a significant number of determined-to-survive egos, self-interest and its consequences can and do adversely affect the rest of us.

What causes the great difference between two Kentucky-raised Republicans, Abraham Lincoln and Sen. Mitch McConnell? Lincoln preserved a strong federal government; McConnell champions what cost Lincoln his life: states' rights.

I suggest that advocating smaller government enables the senator to channel his ego and its interests. He doesn't need the job. Worth perhaps $33 million, he's the 12th wealthiest senator.

Thursday, McConnell urged extension of the Bush tax cuts. I can't help being angry and cynical.
Jack has a graduate degree in psychology and taught it.

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Stickup Artist said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think term limits would settle the matter. I don't believe serving in an elected capacity was meant to be a lifelong career. And without all the money involved, the time spent campaigning for dollars, it might not really even be a full-time job. Doesn't seem like the majority of them get much else done beside lining their own pockets...