Friday, August 31, 2012

Trust Me

by Dee Newman

Were you watching the Republican National Convention last night?

I thought the whole point of an acceptance speech is to truthfully tell the American people what kind of president you will be – to tell us the hard truths we need to hear and what you will do to address the tough issues facing this nation – specifically our nation's high rate of unemployment.

In fact, that’s what New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Mitt’s running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, told us Mitt would tell us. I was actually really looking forward to finally hearing Mitt’s plan to put people back to work.

It seems to me, though it required a little effort and courage, he had a fairly easy task – “if you elect me, here's what I will do."

Unfortunately, by the time the balloons dropped last night, we had no better idea what Mitt would do in office than we had the day before.

I wasn’t looking for charts and a whiteboard, but I was expecting to hear something about what he intends to do with the enormous power of the presidency to solve a few of the nation’s problems.

So, I kept waiting and waiting to hear something, anything, that might resemble real substance, but (as you know) it never came.

His whole speech could be boiled down to: President Obama is a nice guy and he tried, but his efforts were inadequate; if you elect me, I will not fail; I will create 12 million jobs; Trust me.

Yeah, right.

He wants the American people to take a leap of faith based on nothing, but his word . . . without proposing any substance or specifics. Just the word of a proven thin-lipped liar, a flip-flopper, who continues to peddle the same old Bush-era policies of deregulation, tax cuts for the filthy rich and trickle-down economics. You know, the exact same thing that not only did not create jobs during W's 8 years in office, but got us into this mess in the first place.

By-the-way, his prevarications last night rivaled his running mate’s the night before.


mythopolis said...

Romney and Ryan seem so flippant. They have not laid out any kind of road map to anything.

Stickup Artist said...

I heard Romney's speech and even though the rose story was incredibly sweet and touching, it's not what I tuned in for. I honestly wanted to know what ideas he has in terms of jobs, education, and energy. I came up none the wiser. Ryan just confuses me. He wants to drastically cut the role and scope of government and yet, he is a career politician who has never had any other job but government and obviously wants to stay there. What exactly would he be doing if government is to have such a limited role? I don't think it wise to vote for someone who believes the future for his government job is doing less of the People's work than more. Very peculiar...