Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bill Clinton's Full Speech

You do not have to like or agree with the policies of the Democratic Party to appreciate that what we watched last night was a master at work.

Even Brit Hume of Fox News had to admit that Bill Clinton "is the most talented politician [he's] ever covered and the most charming man [he's] ever met . . . No one in my view can frame an argument more effectively than he can."

The former president found no need to lie, exaggerate or throw partisan bombs. No, he simply told the truth. He talked about the importance of reaching across party lines and defending the nobleness of politics as a profession. As the explainer-in-chief, what we witness last night was the work of an intellect so comfortable in his skin that he was able to ablibbed much of the speech without a teleprompter.

If every undecided voter was watching Bill Clinton's speech last night, this race is over.

If for some reason you were unable to see his performance – here it is in its full majesty:

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