Friday, September 21, 2012

We Must Not Be Complacent

by Dee Newman

The latest Pew Research Center survey of likely voters shows President Obama ahead of Romney 51% to 43%. The poll was conducted and released before Romney’s "47 percent victim" video remarks became public. It would seem that our President’s re-election is more certain than ever.

But, don’t be too sure!

To date, 11 states controlled by Republican governors and legislatures have enacted voter identification laws designed to diminish Democratic turnout and disenfranchise the young and minority voters. They have also greatly reduced the number of pre-election voting days.

Republican operatives are now in the process of organizing so-called "voter vigilance committees” to monitor polling stations to prevent (nonexistent) “fraud". In other words, they intend to do everything they possibly can to intimidate Democratic voters and reduce turnout.

At this point we do not know how successful their efforts will be. We only know (as they have proven time and time again) they will do and say anything to win.

And, don’t forget those Diebold voting machines are still up and running?

The polls may indicate that we are in the lead, but we must not be complacent. There is much to be done in the next seven weeks to get out the vote. Do what you can.

And please, vote early (and often). Just kidding about the often.

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