Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If the Mission of the Press is Compromised

by Dee Newman

The United States of America is suppose to be a representative democracy.

To function properly a democracy is dependent upon an informed, well educated electorate.

A free press (journalism) and public education are therefore crucial components of good governance. Without them our nation fails to be "of the people, by the people and for the people."

Conservative legislators have been attacking public education for decades. Why?

Could it be that they realize and desire to exploit the fact that ignorance is more easily manipulated with fear and lies? 

The mission of the Fourth Estate envisioned by our founding fathers as necessary should be to investigate, inform and serve the public's interests in the name of truth and justice.

Granted, it is the duty of each individual voter to know facts and issues pertaining to candidates and their campaigns. However, if the mission of the Press is compromised – made up of merely the news divisions of multinational entertainment corporations – then the public (no matter how educated) may suffer the consequences of misinformation.

Transparency and accountability are essential elements in the establishment of a sustainable democracy.  A strong viable press should force all candidates and their campaigns to be accountable and transparent, impugning any attempt for them to be otherwise.

Surely, a truly free and independent press would have (by now) informed a well educated public and exposed Romney for that he is – a pernicious, ambitious, deceitful and well-oiled weathervane of a candidate.

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mythopolis said...

I agree, Dee. Mainstream media news is hardly news at all. It headlines one story and ignores another and who is pulling those strings? the corporations that own them. Recently CBS morning news has tried to offer a little bit more coverage of issues. ABC and NBC news shows are more show than news, and they love to laugh among themselves obout how much fun they have doing their show. (Gag!) I tend to go mostly to C-Span where at least you do get unbiased reporting, live committee hearings, issue-based call-in shows, and so on. And, I must add that Libby Casey and Greta Brawning on Washington Journal are not only quite bright, and well-informed, but are also 'smokin' hot'. ( my humble opinion...)