Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Remembering Paul Cobb

A year ago today the youngest son of my dear friends, Jill and Don Cobb, was accidentally and tragically killed by a train. He was only 24 years old.

Paul was an accomplished artist, musician, and skilled outdoorsman. He was a quiet, humble and sensitive free-spirit who lived a life of integrity. He played a number of musical instruments for two bands: Amo Joy and The Accordians.

When he died he left behind numerous unfinished musical ideas on tape, along with a sketchbooks of his remarkable artwork. For the past year Paul’s musical companions (with help from his family and friends) have been on a journey to honor his life and gifts. Their plan is to produce an album of his unfinished and unreleased songs on vinyl and cassette (Paul's preferred format). The project is nearing completion.


mythopolis said...

It is hard to find words. It is sad that in that one unanticipated moment so much rich promise was taken away. Paul's life, and his untimely death says volumes, I think, about how to look at our own lives. How to cherish being, and even appreciate the next breath of air.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for remembering our Paul on this saddest of days. I just noticed on my calendar that yesterday, 10/2, was Mahatma Gandhi's birthday . . .
We continue to miss him immensely.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo of Paul...reflecting his gentle spirit and sensitivity....among Paul's remarkable talents, was his ability to give extraordinary memorable hugs!!! Missing Paul and feeling so grateful to have known and loved him....along with you, today, Dee....from Judi

James said...

I love your blog and appreciate your support for the hammer screwdriver project. The 7 inch vinyl is finished and available and we are finishing up the full length vinyl LP. Paul inspired so many of us in so many profound ways. Thanks for remembering and honoring him with all of us!