Friday, October 12, 2012

What is Really Disturbing

by Dee Newman

The internet is awash with articles describing Mitt Romney as a sociopath. The evidence that he exhibits sociopathic behavior is convincing.

Mr. Romney does has a history of bullying others, of being a chronic, if not a pathological liar who seems to have no remorse, guilt, shame or concern for the consequences of his words or deeds.

He lacks authenticity and integrity. He is consistently inconsistent. His behavior indicates that he believes the end always justifies the means. He appears to believe that the universe revolves around him and has often remarked that others "envy" who he is.

He seems to be emotionally shallow, incapable of real warmth, empathy or compassion.

Romney has gravitated toward and held leadership positions in three of the most prominent professions that reward sociopathy: religion, venture capital and politics.

During a 1983 family vacation, Romney drove twelve hours (650-miles) with the family dog Seamus strapped to the top of his car in a carrier. During the long trip, Seamus defecated liquid fecal matter down the car windows, forcing Romney to stopped at a gas station to wash Seamus, the carrier and the car. Placing Seamus back in the carrier, the family continued on their way. When confronted about his lack of compassion for his dog Romney exhibited no empathy nor shame, proclaiming that Seamus actually like riding on top of the car.

When he was a senior at a prestigious all-boys school in Michigan, he led an attack on a fellow student who he believed to be gay. After tackling the the young man and pinning him down with help from his friends Romney cut off the teenager's long bleached-blonde-hair with a pair of scissors. When asked about the attack, Romney's only response was that he did not recall the incident.

In 1990 a pregnant Mormon mother of five with a serious life-threatening blood-clot in her pelvis was told by her doctors that she had only a 50 percent chance of delivering a full-term healthy baby. Instead of offering her compassion and support, her spiritual adviser, Bishop Mitt Romney, according to her account only offer her "judgment, criticism, prejudicial advice and rejection.” Later, Romney, once again, contended that he could not recall the incident.

Now, I suppose that these despicable acts might be considered minor offenses when compared to his years at Bain Capital where he became a multi-millionaire not by growing businesses and creating jobs but by buying existing companies and siphoned off wealth for himself and his investors, often liquidating a company in the process and destroying jobs.

I do not know if Mitt Romney is a sociopath or not. I've never met him. What I know about him I do not like. I do know that he is a liar who is willing to say just about anything to become the next president of the United States.

What is really disturbing though is not that Romney is a liar or that he may possibly be a sociopath, but that there are millions of folks in this country who are prepare to vote for him and against their own interests – who have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by his manipulative lies.

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mythopolis said...

A brilliant analysis! I simply do not understand why your average American would vote for him....I can understand the wealthy elite would be lining up for their hand-outs and favoritisms, but your average Joe? Now, that is scary.