Thursday, November 8, 2012

From The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (A Must See)

Meltdown on Bullsh*t Mountain


mythopolis said...

Pretty ludicrous, obviously. I am so glad we got Obama in for another term. But, I am concerned that the fiscal debates are going to pick up where they left off....a stalemate. I am hoping that if it all starts to play again in that nowhere way, people will return to a spirit of active and vocal objection. If Congress continues along its bullshit path, people need to step in and demand a change. (Old activists never die, they just get more cranky.) Occupy D.C. Obama is sitting ready in the White House. If/When the Republicans start stone-walling him again, its time to up the ante, people! Take to the Street!

Dee Newman said...

I'm ready!!!!!!!