Thursday, November 1, 2012

From The Rachel Maddow Blog

A tale of two former presidents


Associated Press

Just this week, former President Bill Clinton has campaigned for President Obama in Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Colorado, and Iowa. Today, Clinton will hit the stump for Obama in Wisconsin and again in Ohio. By most measures, the former president has become Obama's most popular and most effective surrogate.
And then there's Clinton's successor.
[George W. Bush] will spend Thursday in the Cayman Islands, delivering the keynote address at the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit. As Romney struggles to convince voters that he understands their economic struggles, having the previous Republican president reminding them of the questions surrounding Romney's financial dealings in the Caymans is beyond unhelpful.
Yes, as we first discussed in September, George W. Bush, with just five days remaining before Election Day, is headed to one of the most politically inconvenient locations possible for Mitt Romney: the Republican will deliver the keynote address this evening at the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit.

In case anyone's forgotten, Romney ran into a little trouble over the summer when we learned he has stashed cash in the Cayman Islands, and played fast and loose with the facts, hoping the public won't realize that Romney is using the Caymans as an apparent tax-avoidance scheme.
Which reminds me -- has anyone asked Romney about his secret tax returns lately?

As for the former presidents, the public roles of both couldn't be more striking. Clinton is one of the nation's most popular figures, and Bush is hiding because Republicans don't want voters to be reminded of the similarities between his and Romney's agendas.

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mythopolis said...

Well, its been clear Bush has been invisible in this campaign, although his wife made a show or two....maybe that was his smokescreen. Why does this not surprise me, although I hadn't even heard of this before now? If it has a forked tongue like a snake, if it slithers through the grass like a snake, it can't be a duck. : )