Thursday, November 1, 2012

From The Rachel Maddow Show

Romney Campaign dons 'storm relief' veneer 
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My take: What a scumbag!


mythopolis said...

Oh GAG me!!! I watched the Romney 'relief' event in Ohio on C-Span. It was so clearly a pretentious absurd showing. He made absolutely no mention of how the Obama administration is meticulously helping to coordinate the complex relief required. He did not mention FEMA once. I found it all extremely nauseating. Given the fact that Romney after six continuous years of desperately trying to buy his way into the White House at the cost of millions and millions of dollars, you might think he might offer a whopping financial contribution to the stricken areas instead of bags of canned food. What a joke, and how sad it is to think there are many people who think this guy is for real. That fact alone suggests we need increased funding for mental health services for such deluded people!

Dee Newman said...

You are so right Dan . . .