Monday, December 24, 2012

A Bennett Cartoon from The Chattanooga Times Free Press


mythopolis said...

I am not going to even comment on the previous comment you got...what gobbldeygook! You really should delete it
We are a culture of violence, it seems. And, it is so ironic that I feed into it, with some of my stories. But, I honestly do wish people would stop killing one another. Our country, so peace-loving, so god-fearing is the most violent of all it seems. I worry less about the fiscal cliff, and more about the mental health of the people in this culture.

Dee Newman said...

Ernest Becker in his book "Escape from Evil" argued that it is our vain attempt — driven by hope, fear and ignorance — to find an immortal personal identity in a world characterized by absurdity and violence that ends creating more, not less, suffering and unhappiness.