Friday, March 29, 2013

From Nashvegans

  • Saturday, March 30, 2013
    2:00 PM to

  • 3701 Benham Avenue , Nashville, TN (map)
    The meeting room to the rear, left at the Green Hills Public Library.

  • Here's another opportunity to view this sensitive and beautifully presented documentary if you missed seeing it several months ago. Inspired by the idea that one person's change of heart can change the world, "Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home" explores the ethical awakening of several people who grew up in traditional farming culture and have now come to question the basic assumptions of their way of life. The 78-minute documentary features seven remarkable individuals engaged in a courageous struggle of conscience, each trying to re-integrate the parts of themselves that were fragmented by expectations and experiences that went against their deepest natures. The film provides insight into their sometimes amazing connections with the animals under their care, while also making clear the complex web of social, psychological and economic forces that have led them to their conflict. Described by many viewers as "a life-changing experience," Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home shatters stereotypical notions of farmers, farm life, and perhaps most surprisingly, farm animals themselves.

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