Friday, March 22, 2013

TED Weekends: The Key to Memory

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mythopolis said...

It's an interesting subject, for of the things I remember after listening to this, is the image of Britney Spears dancing on my coffee that is a nice memory, and oddly enough, it is a memory of a thing that never happened.

I think the subject of oral history is interesting. One can imagine how important it was to a pre-literate culture, that stories be told, that information be passed forward in conversation, since it was the only way to advance the next generation. I used to love to hear my grandparent's talk about their earlier years...that is a history that often still does not get written down. I try to remember as much of that as I can, but in passing it forward to my children, forgotten details drop away. Family history gets to be like a vapor trail in the sky dissipating in a short while. Random thoughts.