Sunday, August 11, 2013

Artist Liz Clayton Fuller

Recently, the work of a young artist from Nashville, Liz Clayton Fuller, was on exhibit at Halcyon Bike Shop on 12th Avenue South.

Liz, a Nashville native, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration with a minor in Art History from Savannah College of Art and Design. Currently, she lives in Nashville and is pursuing a career in Illustration. Her passion for the natural world and her love for plants and animals both inspire and inform her work.

My dear friends, Jill Lindner and Don Cobb, bought one of Liz’s pen and watercolor drawings – Hummingbird, leaving it on display until the end of the exhibit.

A week or so later as Liz was taking down the exhibit, an avid biker and one of the worlds most entertaining and talented personalities, Academy Award winning Robin Williams, dropped by the Halcyon Bike Shop. He had been in the neighborhood for several weeks, filming a new movie, Boulevard, at the home of some other dear and close friends, Susan Savage and Steven Mallett.

Immediately, what was remaining up of Liz’s artwork captured Mr. Williams’ attention. After closely examining several pieces he asked if he could purchase the Hummingbird drawing for his wife, Susan Schneider, an artist and graphic designer. When he was told that Hummingbird had already been sold, he was obviously disappointed, but asked if Liz had any other work he could see.

After moving outside to Liz’s car, he ultimately chose another piece from her portfolio, White-throated Sparrow, quipping, as only he can do, “this will make for a great story . . . the purchase of a priceless piece of artwork from the trunk of a car in Nashville, Tennessee.”

If you would like to see more of Liz’s artwork or would like to inquire about any of her pieces, click here to go to her website. She accepts commissions, as well.


mythopolis said...

really nice, and so meticulously executed!

Anonymous said...

That story is a great compliment to this young, obviously talented artist! She has beautiful pieces on her website. I love their detail and quiet serenity. And I'm intrigued by her use of "pen, watercolor, and coffee stain". Thanks, Dee, for bringing her to my attention. lw

Stickup Artist said...

That is the coolest! Nice to hear about someone's artistic career taking off with such an interesting and fun backstory!