Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Few Photos from the Past

 198 Oak Road shortly after we moved in 1949

 Dad building stone fireplace and grill 1950

 Dad and Dee at stone fireplace 1950

 Dad and Dee at beach summer of 1951

Alice and Dee on Vista lane in Oak Ridge 1947

 Dee, Jay, and Peggy on Vista Lane in Oak Ridge spring of 1948

 Dee skating at Roy Swanson's tent skating rink in Gatlinburg summer of 1948

 Dee, Peg, and (?) at Fontana Dam and Lake 1947

 Dee at Big Ridge State Park summer of 1948

Dee and Jay spring of 1948


mythopolis said...

I loved every one of these shots, Dee!!

Stickup Artist said...

Oh, these are wonderful!