Thursday, January 16, 2014

Corey Knowlton Says He Cares Deeply About All Animals

Corey Knowlton is the hunter who paid $350,000 at a Dallas auction on Saturday to hunt and kill one of the most endangered species on the planet, a black rhino. He is an experienced hunter who has taken clients on hunting trips all over the world.

The so-called “license to kill” was sold by the Dallas Safari Club in an alliance with the Namibian government. It has been reported that the Namibian government is delighted with the results of the auction because the funds will help to improve conservation efforts in their country.

As for Knowlton, he swears that he cares “deeply” about all animals.

    Corey's caption: Bear of a Lifetime

After receiving death threats he went on his Facebook page on Monday to respond to the mounting criticism:
Thank you all for your comments about conservation and the current situation regarding the black rhino. I am considering all sides and concerns involved in this unique situation. Please don't rush to judgment with emotionally driven criticism towards individuals on either sides of this issue. I deeply care about all of the inhabitants of this planet and I am looking forward to more educated discussion regarding the ongoing conservation effort for the black rhino.
    Corey's caption: Caracal

I believe that Benjamin Franklin said it best (and I paraphrase):
Man’s moral and rational mind can rationalize anything . . . even immorality.

*All photos are from Mr. Knowlton's Facebook page