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News from Tribe of Heart

News from Tribe of Heart, Producers of PEACEABLE KINGDOM: THE JOURNEY HOME and THE WITNESS
Tribe of Heart
The Tribe of Heart community is touching more lives, in more cultures around the world, than ever before. The 12 stories below show what is possible when caring, committed people use their time, talents and resources to foster compassion and advocate for justice. Let's take a moment to celebrate the good work we've done, and to commit ourselves to raising the bar even higher in the coming year.
12 reasons for hope as we move into 2014
Working together, we're empowering people in cultures across the world
to become agents of peaceful transformation
Screening Room
Groundbreaking "Global Tribal" Initiative
Offering innovative tools for change, now in TWELVE languages!
Check it out
New Polish version of The Witness screens in Warsaw... Full Story
Global Tribal
Success Story
Slovenian activists includeThe Witness in their successful campaign to ban fur... Full Story
Animal Advocacy Breakthrough
in Vietnam
Pioneering activists team up with Tribe of Heart to open minds and change lives... Full Story
Tribe of Heart Films Help Empower Brazilian Artists and Activists
Animal justice issues resonate with a culture forging a new social vision... Full Story
Working together, we're putting the spotlight on moral visionaries past and present
who challenge and expand our cultural ideas of social justice
Father Frank Mann - Video
A Breakthrough in the Catholic Community
With two new videos and a film premiere in NYC, Tribe of Heart helps Father Frank Mann express his inclusive vision of compassion for "all of God's creation"... Learn more
Artist as Activist
The Artist as Activist
Social justice artist Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin and changed the course of history. Learn how her storytelling approach informed the making of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home. Now online in four langauges... Watch Video
All the Difference
All the Difference
in the World

In this inspiring rescue story, which is based on an extended scene from Peaceable Kingdom, a group of young people band together to save the lives of thousands of animals despite overwhelming challenges. Now online in four langauges... Watch Video
Change of Heart
Peaceable Kingdom Down Under
Patty Mark and Philip Wollen, two of the world's most visionary animal advocates, hosted the Australian premiere of Peaceable Kingdom, followed by two large-scale events in other cities. Enjoy this heartwarming video from Melbourne, this beautiful scrapbook from Perth, and this thought-provoking review from Adelaide.
Working together, we're creating life-changing events
that inspire and inform the general public
Broadcast Premieres Exponentially Expand Viewership of our Films
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home had its broadcast debut on WTVS-Detroit PBS, which also reached satellite and cable viewers across Canada.
WEDU-Tampa PBS aired a double feature of both our films, plus an encore of Peaceable Kingdom.
TV interview
In-Depth PBS Interview with Tribe of Heart Founders & Filmmakers
Animal justice issues and activist filmmaking were the subjects of this half-hour interview on "Up Close with Cathy Unruh."
Cathy also blogged about the film in a related article, titled " Peace in the Pasture."
Community Screening
Over 100 Community Screenings in 2013
From libraries to movie theaters, from rural towns to big cities, from North and South America to Australia, Europe and Asia. Check out the many ways and places grassroots educators have been sharing our films, as well as this story about a theatrical screening held in Vancouver, BC.
Tucson Screening
in Tucson
A handful of motivated activists hit a home run, filling 500 seats, and changing countless lives, opening a new dialog in a Western city... Full Story
Also, check out this Arizona Daily Star article that came out a few days before the screening that highlights the philosophy behind the film.
Thank you for your support, which makes everything possible. Let's keep the momentum going in 2014!
Here's how you can help us continue to foster individual paradigm shifts,
make bridges into new communities and cultures,
and greatly expand the audience for the message of our films.
Make a donation
in support of our work
Our films and programs have a life-changing message, and funding is the key to bringing them to as many people as possible. Your financial support directly translates into the awakening of hearts and minds around the world.
Donations are fully tax-deductible in the U.S. and can be made online or mailed to:
Tribe of Heart
PO Box 149
Ithaca, NY 14851
Thank you for your support!
Share our films
with others
Tribe of Heart films
- Send invitations to your friends to watch The Witness online (invitations are available in 12 languages).
- Share Tribe of Heart's Online Screening Room through social media.
- Lend DVDs to friends, family & co-workers, or purchase gift viewings on iTunes.
Help our films reach a wider audience
- Donate DVDs of both Tribe of Heart films to your local library.
- Organize a community screening. It's an empowering experience! Learn how
- Ask your local PBS station to air Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home. Contact Kevin Smith for details.
- Help us get our films translated into new languages either by donating your skills as a professional translator, or by making a donation toward hiring professional translators for new multilingual versions.
Tribe of Heart logo Jenny & JamesTribe of Heart is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization that produces award-winning, life-changing films about the journey of awakening conscience and the ethics of the human-animal relationship. As a small organization with a big vision, we depend on the power of our community to make our programs come to life. Thank you for the many ways you help Tribe of Heart encourage positive, peaceful transformation.

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