Monday, May 19, 2014

Remembering Wayne

My last photo of Wayne

A Celebration of Life
Wayne Lee Holt
Sunday June 22nd
Friends Meeting House
503 26th Ave. No.
Nashville TN 37209
Wayne's obituary is at:

Four years ago I wrote the following:


Doctor of Goodfeels: Wayne Holt

Our brilliant, gifted and good friend, Wayne,
Though endowed with a sizable brain,
Has lived a life of a student,
Frugal, but certainly not prudent,
In fact, rather wickedly profane.

With a vision, astute but askew,
Clearly quite different than me or you,
Lost in a realm of his own
From another time and zone,
A genius, without a clue,

Obliviously insensible,
With a wit, incomprehensible,
Crude, sardonic and crass,
Often leaving us aghast,
Yet, endearingly defensible.

He has lived a simple life, infused
With the thought that things can be reused.
With a carbon-footprint so small
It’s hardly evident at all,
Surely, his excesses can be excused.

So, we’re here, at last, to celebrate
Our friend finishing his doctorate.
Since it took him quite awhile,
You may think he’s a bit senile,
But it’s just that he’s always been late
And a bit of a degenerate.  

Be sure to checkout Wayne's Website
 Start with T is for Traveler (My Multicultural Memories)


mythopolis said...

I hadn't seen Wayne in many years, but then ran into him at Brother Al's memorial.....sorry to know he's gone.

Stickup Artist said...

T is for what a Trip! I know how you feel about the afterlife, but I believe Wayne is still on his journey thru time...