Monday, August 18, 2014

Standing On the Edge

by Dee Newman

The scent of rain
as the morning sunlight
reveals the day.

Below, there are
ripples on the river
and mist in the trees.

A memory within me
whispers a lover’s caress
that once shuddered
in a long embrace.

beyond words, space and time
I stand here on the edge
gasping for breath
in this beautiful
everlasting wonderment.

1 comment:

mythopolis said...

Simple moments of being....very sweet...some people don't give themselves the simple moment. They are too anxious about their daily agenda. For me, it works best to stand in awe of each new day for at least a few minutes in the morning. After that, I can take the garbage out, and tick off the other things on my list. And I like to end the day the same way.