Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Clinton E-mail Scandal

by Dee newman

For months now I’ve been telling my friends not to worry. Too many of the so-called news reporters and pundits who have been writing about the “Clinton E-mail Scandal” for the last year are a bunch of hacks. They’re not journalists. They’re either lazy or peddlers of deceit.

So, if you’re one of the vast majority of deceit-readers who believed the oft-repeated lies told about the facts in this case, you are probably shocked that the FBI did not recommend an indictment of Ms. Clinton.

As I have said all along, given the facts and the law, the FBI would find no basis for any criminal charges. The statute requires intent to cause injury to the United States or to give advantage to a foreign government. In other words, the statute requires an act of bad faith. Not an act of poor judgment.

The State Department for decades has lacked the kind of care for classified information that has been establish elsewhere in our government. The problem pre-dates Ms. Clinton. Other Secretaries of State (including Colin Powell) have used private e-mail accounts.

Ms. Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server did not break any Federal laws. It only violated an executive order created by President Obama. And therefore, based on the evidence, there was no reason to believe that Ms. Clinton would be indicted.

I was right because I read the law and refused to listen to hacks. If you continue to consume deceit, you will continue to come to conclusions that are factually incorrect. If you would prefer your assessments to be more fair and accurate in the future, I would advise you to seek out sources that have integrity and will not lie to you.


Glen A Freels Sr said...

Dee, YOU Sound like a Hillary Hack

Dee Newman said...

Glen, If I allowed my partisanship for Ms. Clinton to cloud my judgment about the law I would (for sure) be a Hillary Hack. But, I haven’t. And though, I recognize Hillary-bashing for what it is – just dirty politics as usual – fabricating falsehoods under a slogan of “fair and accurate” in order to destroy someone’s life is not only corrupt, it’s immoral. A federal criminal indictment is a serious legal accusation, and should be saved for serious crimes, based on serious evidence. I’ve read the law. You obviously have not. I would advise you to broaden your perspective and do so.