Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Medicare Public Option: Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich is calling for Congress to pass, in reconciliation of the health care bill, the proposal to allow people younger than 65 to buy into Medicare, which is being called "The Medicare Public Option".

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Hi, this is Dennis Kucinich, on REAL health reform. We all know what really needs to be done, to expand what's REALLY working, which is Medicare, in a way that makes common sense, and is fiscally sound. That's why I'M pushing for an up or down vote on The Medicare Public Option, to give people younger than age 65 the OPTION to buy into Medicare, at a fair price, if they WANT to. I don't KNOW what the rest of Congress is going to do, I just want you to know, that as YOUR representative I'm fighting so that you can have a REAL DEAL. I'm Dennis Kucinich, and I approved this message.

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