Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From The Washington Post


Today I wrote a short primer on the budget reconciliation process; a short post wondering whether we really want the Senate run by loopholes; a slightly longer post on the tension between individual bloggers and the media organizations that pay them; and an extremely long post on Rep. Paul Ryan's claim that health-care reform won't save money or reduce the deficit.

Here's what I didn't get to:
1) Barack Obama's congressional majorities are a lot smaller than FDR's or LBJ's.
2) Why don't Democrats keep the Consumer Financial Protection Agency as an election issue rather than compromising it away?
3) Bruce Bartlett offers a short history of congressional polarization.
4) Kent Conrad is annoyed that the media can't figure out the reconciliation process.
5) I'll be on Countdown with Keith Olbermann at 8:10 eastern, and the Tavis Smiley Show (check local listings, I'm the first guest).

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