Wednesday, August 17, 2011


by Jack Reeves

"The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles." -- Karl Marx

"It's the economy, stupid!" -- James Carville

Marx and Carville agree that wealth (the subject of economics) and what it creates (class, power) determines human society. When the accumulation of wealth and power resides in the hands of a few, causing intolerable social disparity revolution results. Economics is the core.

Ten examples: English, American ("Taxation without representation."), French ("Let them eat cake."), Russian ("Workers of the world unite."), Spanish, German ("Heil Hitler.") Indian, Chinese, Cuban, South African revolutions.

The American Civil War was economically caused. The South's economy was slave based. The Confederacy tried to preserve it by seceding from the Union.

Which brings us to America 2011. Economic disparity is greater than ever. A study released this week found that only 36% of Americans sampled could tap $1000 if needed for an emergency.

Congress has become the advocate and agent of the wealthy and corporations.

Government is dysfunctional, shameful and manifestly unredeemable.

Victimized Americans are helpless and "mad as hell."

Karl Marx, the Father of Sociology, was right: economics determine societies. It's a law of human behavior supported by historical examples.

The American Revolution was 13 Colonies vs. England. The seeds of our next revolution are more than sown. They have germinated and are being daily nurtured. There's a growing, pervasive national resolution that "[we're] not going to take this anymore!"

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mythopolis said...

With respect to how many people would struggle to come up with dough for a thousand dollar emergency, one can't help notice the proliferation in towns and cities everywhere, of Quick Cash Loan places. They pop up in places where other stores used to be. Of course, the interest is exorbitant, but many frequent these places robbing Peter to pay Paul with quick 'Payday loans, or 'title loans' on the car. Out of curiosity, I asked at one place how much I could draw against my '96 Chevy four door. Surprisingly, they would be willing to front me up to $2,000...same day, cash in the hand. Just give them a copy of your car key, and copy of the title. When the payments come due, and you are still broke, you can look forward to the repo-man making a midnight call!! One of many ways the poor get poorer...