Friday, February 26, 2010

From By Pen Or By Sword

First Contest of 2010!!! Two great Books!!

Hello and welcome to my first contest for 2010. It is a "200 Follower Contest" and it is in celebration of Black History Month (BHM). You can read my heartfelt opinions on BHM and my hope that in the future history will be adequately written to represent all cultures fairly and accurately HERE.
For this contest:
Please comment with your email address, mention whether you are a new follower or an existing follower. Each comment by an existing follower will count once (+1), Each comment made by a new follower will count twice (+2). You can comment as often as you like as long as you write at least one sentence and copy & paste your email address and follower status in every comment you leave. Good luck. Now here is what the winner will get.

Product Description from Amazon

To Be A Slave by Julius Lester. What was it like to be a slave? Listen to the words and learn about the lives of countless slaves and ex-slaves, telling about their forced journey from Africa to the United States, their work in the fields and houses of their owners, and their passion for freedom. You will never look at life the same way again.
Product Description from Amazon
Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. In the Deep South of the 1950s, journalist John Howard Griffin decided to cross the color line. Using medication that darkened his skin to deep brown, he exchanged his privileged life as a Southern white man for the disenfranchised world of an unemployed black man. His audacious, still chillingly relevant eyewitness history is a work about race and humanity-that in this new millennium still has something important to say to every American.
If you Twitter or use Face Book, MySpace, Live Journal or Blogger you can get an extra entry by writing your own Black History message/post and mention this contest. I'm only on Myspace and Blogger so it's difficult to get the word out. 
The sharing of this contest will be very much appreciated!
Contest Ends on February 28th!!
Due to Broken Links This Contest will be extended until 3/5/10

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