Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sculptor Peter Wolf Toth (Photos)

Sculptor Peter Wolf Toth was born December 1947 in Hungary. He immigrated to the United States with his parents and settled in Akron, Ohio. He later studied art at the University of Akron. He has created a series of sculptures (including at least one in each state of the United States and in several provinces of Canada) called Trail of the Whispering Giants to honor Native Americans.

Using only a hammer and chisel, the 74 Whispering Giants range from 20 to 40 feet in height, and resemble the natives of the region in which they are located. Each sculpture he creates is donated to the town in which it is carved. He never charges a fee for his time, only for raw materials and living expenses. The carvings have been appraised at a quarter of a million dollars each.


Stickup Artist said...

Those are so awesome. I especially love how the flora incorporates with the last one.

Thanks for visiting with me at my blog. It's been a real pleasure and your blog has invigorated and informed me every step of the way. Keep it up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

mythopolis said...

The figures all seem to have deep thoughts about the world around them.

James Moskola said...

I met Peter on a cool December day back in 2000. I lived in my camper van on his property for weeks. There are over 20 screen pages of articles and video about Peter but he has probably not seen any of this nor will he see what I am posting right now UNLESS the world of friends attempts to contact him by land mail and afterwards I will buy him a laptop.
Please send a postcard or letter soon to:
Peter Wolf Toth
102 Arthur Avenue
Edgewater, FL USA 32141